Kansas City Disc Golf 2020 Bag Tags will be distributed during the upcoming KCDG Elections Dinner on Nov 10, 2019. The way we determine who gets what tag is by the attendance, as well as overall score* from the 2019 Club Championships.

This year we had 106 disc golfers play at least 1 round of the event. 54 people played all 4 rounds. They will get the first 54 tags. 3 rounds will get tags #55-63. 2 rounds played will get #64-96. 1 round played will get #97-106.


*B-Pool did not score holes #11-#12 during their round at Prairie Center. The issue on the hole was cleared up for the A-Pool in the afternoon. For the purpose of distributing bag tags fairly, everyone’s score on those 2 holes were removed and your score was recalculated to match both pools.

1 Jose Ossa
2 John Jones
3 Bowen Seiter
4-5 Jake Bowen
4-5 Lee Killian
6 CD Steiner
7-8 Jake Lazzo
7-8 Nick Jarvis
9-10 Anthony Martella
9-10 AJ Kroenlin
11 Peter Bures
12 Dick Parker
13-14-15 Michael Babbit
13-14-15 Zeke Henry
13-14-15 Matt Hirt
16-17 Daniel Thayer
16-17 Aaron Farinella
18 Aaron Shanahan
19-21 Danny Knox
19-21 Danny Rodriguez
19-21 Michael Krueger
22-23-24 Mattrick Wright
22-23-24 Angelo Farinella
22-23-24 Matt Ovel
25 Patick VanHoecke
26 Curtis Cooper
27-28 Heath Kinton
27-28 Johathan Freeman
29 Tyler House
30 Matt Dixon
31 Jeff Gradinger
32-33 Jack Lowe
32-33 Jimmy Greenlee
34-35 Steven Snider
34-35 Bill Shinoski
36 Chris Mckee
37-38 Josh Garcia
37-38 Jake Riley
39 Eric Garberg
40 Brent Siemers
41 John Beatty
42 Coleman Gregg
43-44 Gabe Mick
43-44 Ben Whitesel
45 Ian Dickerson
46 Bob Goodwin
47-48-49 Josh Goracke
47-48-49 Doug Keehler
47-48-49 Daniel Truax
50 Mike O’Rourke
51 Benji Cunningham
52-53 Scott Gordon
52-53 Hayden Thompson
54 Christina Saldivar
George Rousis
Chris Timko
Steve Channel
Anna Hare
Ken Cox
Dave Herbert
Brendan Egan
Dylan Dear
Erik Bolton
Christian Eikermann
Adam Turvey
Joe Bulwin
Steph Oleson
Liz Borg-Bowman
Keith Glendenning
Steve Stansberry
Matt Doane
Laura Hayes
Cade Garrelts
Kat Kooj
Rick Rothstein
Eric Kolkmeier
Eric Minton
Mark Stiles
Mike Keizer
Chris Walker
Mike Thomas
Scott Reek
Jay Rivard
Wyatt Shipman
Frank Weaver III
David Potts
Kevin Walsh
Aaron Bosley
Bryce Nichols
Bryan Ezell
Jerry Patterson
Seth Nelson
Chad Vulgamott
Johnathan Davis
Tina Patterson
Austin Jones
Kyle Wiedwald
Vince Como
Jim Ramey
Jordan Ramey
Quinton Shaw
Johnny Nelson
Elesci Rousis
Ben Patterson
Jamie Danger