Welcome to the official Ice Bowl week.  So far we have had 4 satellite events that have seen 87 total players playing in some pretty nasty weather.  We have one more weekend to go and i hope to see you all there.  Below is the details of this coming weekend, please contact Scott Reek (scottreek@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

Saturday Jan 25th.
Flex Start from 9-11 Satellite event at Rosedale

Sunday Jan 26th
Main Event at Blue Valley
Flex start from 8:30-10a
Chilli Contest 11a
Check in for Final 9 no later than 12:45
Final 9 start around 1:30

Some main event details …

  • Chili:  If you are bringing chili, please let Scott know so he can be prepared.  It must be submitted for judging no later than 10:50a.
  • CTP:  We will have a CTP game going on throughout the day, with chances to win some cool prizes.
  • Raffle:  We will have an onsite Raffle for a Themed Dynamic Discs Veteran Basket.  You will not want to miss this!
  • Merchandise:  We will have the remaining discs and apparel available onsite at Blue Valley.
  • Final 9:  You MUST Check in on Sunday for the Final 9 before 12:45.  It doesn’t matter if you have written on a scorecard or told someone ahead of time that you will be there, if you do not check in, then you are not checked in.  Anyone can play in the final 9 that has competed in an event, but those who wish to be paired up to compete for the Ice Bowl trophy MUST check in.
  • Fundraiser Discs:  Once again by Matt Ovel, we have a full color fundraiser disc available.  In 2019, we commemorated Swope Park and in 2020, we are honoring Rosedale Park.  This is primarily a pre-order only opportunity.  If you would like either year, please purchase online as if there are any available onsite, it will be minimal.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday Jan 26th at Blue Valley!