The Frosty 50 Needs You!

We invite you to join the 2021 Kansas City Ice Bowl’s Frosty 50. Those listed below have donated at least $100 to the KC Ice Bowl charitable partners, the Bishop Sullivan Center and the Mission Project. These donations account for $3,645 towards Kansas City Disc Golf’s goal of raising $10,000. Frosty 50 members are eligible to receive an Ice Bowl commemorative disc.

To become a Frosty 50 member:  donate directly to KC Disc Golf via PayPal at or directly to Bishop Sullivan at or directly to the Mission project, go to  All donations are tax deductible.

We thank the following members of the Frosty 50:

Kristie Svejda

Kelly Babbit

Michael Krueger

Scott Conner

CD Steiner

Katherine Delmond

Rhonda & Ben Crosby

Rick Rothstein

Chris Kirk

Chris Davis

Jack Lowe

Elisabeth Borg-Bowman

John Chapman

John Myers

Michael Bellancio

Jarrett Johnson

Joshua Jarvis

Josh Query

Enrique Thomas

We also thank Andrea Ponte, Olivia Call, and Bill Maury-Holmes for their support.