The 2023 Kansas City Ice Bowl Charity Auction is now live!  Head over to to check out one of the 77 (!!) auctions.  Kansas City Disc Golf has been floored by the over $6,200 (!!!!!) worth of total goods and services that have been donated to help our Ice Bowl donation to local food panties blow past the $15,000 donated in 2022.  Help make this Ice Bowl our best ever by bidding on some of the fantastic items.  From golf discs to bags to cutting boards to dinner and drink, this auction has it all.  The auction is once again being hosted on  It will end on February 10th @ 5pm, and all items will be present at the Ice Bowl Main Event, being held Saturday, January 11th @ Rosedale Park in Kansas City, Kansas.  If you live in the metro, arrangements can be made for pick up.  If you live outside of the metro and need your auction item mailed, to you, that can be worked out as well!

And if you’re interested in contributing an auction listing, it’s not too late!  Email Chris Timko at