Call into session @ 6.36

Members present – Chris Timko / Pete Cashen / Laura Hayes / Brent Siemers / Jack Lowe / Rich Smith

Non-members present – Dick Parker and Rhonda Crosby

Agenda Items:

  1. Announced resignation of Lupe H.
  2. Jerry Patterson appointed by Timko and nominated as VP MO – unanimous votes to support
  3. Dick / Rhonda
    1. Email notifications – fixed 
    2. Server update – planned to do it after the KCWO
    3. Limit on weblinks, need to remove
    4. Domain names – transfer to club-owned namecheap account
    5. Hack revealed usernames – change password to unique, complex password, may need to change username in the future.
    6. Billing for hosting of site – July until end of year $750, get it paid. Anhyzer Media is not going to host the site going forward. Willing to help with transition to a new hosting solution and provide recommendations. Migrate domain name over to new service. Need to get this done in the next few months. Willing to prorate the billing during the migration. Need to identify transition in mid October. Make sure they have a WP managed. Dick and Rhonda will send over some recommendations and criteria for the site.
  4. KCWO
    1. FlyMart – sales tax and business license issue. Need to identify a solution for Liberty and WyCo – KCDG has no tax due letter and could apply for the business license maybe?
    2. BoD volunteer –
      1. Friday @ RoKC (putting contest) / Saturday @ Bad Rock (flymart / games)
      2. Push volunteers from friends and families. Current volunteer list is around 30.
    3. Course Workdays
      1. Rosedale Workday 13th
      2. WW Workday 20th
      3. Bad Rock 14th
    4. Concerns
      1. WyCo mowing schedule, Chris and Laura reaching out to Angel
      2. Flags up at WW and Bad Rock
      3. Paint / Flag some courses, OB and circles
        1. Timko volunteered to do this at Rosie
      4. Banner wraps at some courses
  5. Year round flags, Rosie $250, WW $250 and WyCo $400. Motion from Rich, second from Laura, passed unanimous votes.
  6. FAQ for Website on what TD’s get from $2 Fee – table until Michael gets insurance answer
  7. Budget Priorities for KCDG from subcommittee of Anna, Cary & Rich. (Anna / Cary absent)
    1. Course Improvement Process – Cary submitted a model RFP process via email, to be introduced to the Board by Cary at the next meeting.
    2. Community involvement – 
      1. trying to get community involvement at high schools at Prairie Pass;
      2. pro clinic paid for by club for club members; 
    3. Social events – 
      1. September or October BoD meeting in conjunction with doubles round and meals bear;
      2. club organized flymart with guest speaker
  8. Insurance Issue – tabled Michael absent
  9. Specific Event Approvals
    1. Heritage Hills – motion, votes approved
    2. NY Day Triples – motion, votes approved
  10. VP KS Report
    1. New baskets installed at WyCo, new Veterans in short positions, donated by Pete Cashen and DDKC, KCDG may need to authorize funds for pipe for new short positions eventually. Flags and Flagsticks coming from KCDG; also work going on for another short course at WyCo
    2. Rosedale – Timko / Rogue have been doing a lot of work, 8/13 is the next workday, debris needs to be picked up, course needs to be mowed. Laura pushing on mowing.
    3. City Park – under planning
    4. Cade @ Olathe, PC looks great
  11. VP MO Report – tabled because Jerry is new to position
  12. Treasurer’s Report – Anna absent, but submitted via forum
    1. Cash (in PayPal and Bank): $99,467.02
    2. Less:
      1. Ace Fund $3,393.62
      2. Tree Fund $993.63
      3. Swope Fundraising $8,345.98
      4. KCWO $53,100.58
      5. Bushnell league $1,089.58
    3. Total liabilities/restricted funds: $66,923.39
    4. Total Available funds: $32,543.63

Meeting adjourned @ 7.52 PM, next Board Meeting on 9/12/22 – in person with details to come from Brent.