NOTICE 7/11/24: For safety reasons WATER WORKS DISC GOLF COURSE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED for construction of new tee pads. Baskets have been pulled form the course. We will post updates as we have them and anticipate roughly two weeks for completion.

Chris Timko

At Large Member -

Kansas City, MO

What course do you call home:

Rosedale Up Top


Favorite hole in the KC Metro and why:

Hole #13 at the old Swope DGC.  AKA the “elephant hole.”  Still my favorite green in all of KC.


Favorite course outside of KC:

Pier Park in Portland, Oregon


Why do you play disc golf:

The friends I’ve made and the community I’ve built over the past 20 years wouldn’t have been possible without disc golf.  


Disc golf is not a game of perfect, so it’s a great test on how to minimize your mistakes.