Bushnell has partnered with Kansas City Disc golf to bring 2 pilot leagues to our players this spring.  Olathe Leagues on Monday and Water Works Leagues on Thursday are proud to bring you the Bushnell league!

League season will run from 1st week in May to mid June. This is a 7 week league that will run on top of KCDG’s normal “mini” style leagues. You simply pay the up front league fee of $30, and pay your normal “mini” league fee of $5 per evening you show up to compete! The normal “mini” league will pay out each night as it normally does. The Bushnell League will pay out at the conclusion.

Each evening of the league Bushnell will be donating a Disc Jockey speaker to 1 lucky winner. That’s 7 Disc Jockeys being given out!

2 divisions will be available: Men and Women. Payout will be through Paypal to the top 1/3 of the finishers. A payout schedule will be provided during the 3rd week of the league. The $400 added cash will be added proportionally amongst the 2 divisions.

The points calculation per week will be based on Disc Golf Pro Tour’s (DGPT) Elite Series Points. (https://udisc.com/blog/post/how-disc-golf-pro-tour-points-work-why-they-matter). Points are awarded from 100 points for 1st down to 2 points for 50th+. Note: The only people you’re getting points by beating are those within the league. You do not get points by beating those who show up at the normal mini. Your top 5 scores of the league will count toward your total!

Registration can be found on Disc Golf Scene: