The St Joe News Press recently reported:

“The number of COVID-19 cases in Missouri has jumped by 168 to 670, up from 502 Thursday. It’s a 33.5% increase.
Deaths increased from eight to nine across the state, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
Missouri is not alone in seeing daily increases. Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kansas increased from 168 Thursday to 202 Friday. Deaths are up from three to four.
According to recent data from Johns Hopkins University, 772 U.S. counties reported an increase in confirmed cases on Thursday.”

Disc golfers need to keep trying to limit social interactions and the spread of this deadly virus to avoid overloading our limited hospital capacity. These are my suggestions only and do represent the positions of any disc golf organization that I belong to:

1. If you play disc golf, play by yourself or only with those you live with.
2. Avoid the use of benches and picnic tables.
3. Avoid putting all together or start giving yourself 3-4 (10-13 ft) meter putts. If you do hole out, avoid touching the metal when retrieving the disc and then disinfect your hands and disc after retrieval.
4. If you still choose to play with those you do not live with, limit groups ideally to two players, but never more than four. At all times be very careful to maintain 6 feet from all others. Do not handle any discs but your own.
5. Carry sanitizer with you and use it generously.
6. Until you’ve been tested and have been declared negative, assume you have the virus and don’t share it.

Please be safe out on the course and in other aspects of your daily lives.