The past month or so has been a constant barrage of news and concern regarding the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world.  So how about some good news?  Earlier this month we were able to finalize the financial report for the 2020 Kansas City Ice Bowl and are pleased to make a $6000 donation to local charities!  This year’s partners are

  • Bishop Sullivan Center – For over a decade, the Kansas City disc golf community has partnered with Bishop Sullivan Center, helping them in their mission to stock their food pantry in order to provide less fortunate people with access to enough food for a healthy, active life.
  • The Mission Project – A new partner for 2020, this charity enables adults with developmental disabilities to leave and work on their own with individualized support.

Thank you to the disc golf community in supporting our charitable partners, and a special thanks to Scott Reek, the 2020 Kansas City Ice Bowl Event Director.  We look forward to Ice Bowl 2021!