Thank for joining or renewing your membership with the Kansas City Disc Golf Club!

For those of you joining for the first time, we welcome you to a magnificent disc golf community.  You might benefit from browsing our website for ongoing information regarding club events, tournament schedules, new and existing courses, upcoming clinics, league play, why your disc goes left when you want it to turn right and a myriad of additional information.

As a non-profit club with no employees, we depend totally on volunteerism to host tournaments, organize and complete clean up days on courses, and ultimately maintain Kansas City’s reputation for being a great town to play Disc Golf in.  As a general member you are allowed to vote in elections and/ or run for a position on the Executive Committee.  This committee is dedicated to improved communication between members.

For our renewing members we thank you for once again recognizing the benefits of being a part of the Kansas City Disc Golf Club.  It is only through our collaborative effort that we are able to maintain the high standard of disc golf that Kansas City represents.

The Board of Directors are available to our current and prospective members for questions, suggestions, tournament proposals, ideas, criticisms and praise.  We look forward to hearing from you and again, thanks for Joining The Club!