Starting April 1st, Kansas City Disc Golf (KCDG) will begin hosting its summer leagues.  

The league schedule for the beginning of 2021 can be found below.  The most up to date status of a league for a given night for things like weather cancellations can be found on KCDG’s official Facebook group page (, or on one of the league director’s league pages below for a given course.    Thanks again to our volunteer league directors who make KCDG summer leagues happen. 






  • Bad Rock Creek (Liberty) – Bryan Ezell
  • Legacy Park (Lee’s Summit) – George Price


  • Women’s Travelling League – Stephanie Roberts


What time does league start?

May through August, you can expect league to start at 6:00 pm.  In April and September, as there’s less light at night, leagues will start a little earlier, between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm.  League directors should be posting to our Facebook group and (if applicable) league Facebook groups on starting times during these 2 months.

I’ve never played a league before.  How do I play?

Playing league is easy!  When you arrive at your course, look for the league director.  They will normally be near hole #1 or a shelter close to the beginning of the course.  The league director can assist you in finding a division to sign up for based on your skills.  You’ll be grouped into cards, then sent off on the course to play.  While most leagues do cost a small amount of money to play, comradery and fun are the most important part of our summer leagues!

Will a waiver still be required in 2021?

Yes.  A COVID-19 waiver will be required per our insurance policy (required by the Parks & Rec departments) for all events in 2021.  Signing the waiver once will apply for all KCDG events in 2021.  If you have not signed a waiver, you cannot play league. If you signed the waiver in 2020, you’ll need to sign a waiver in 2021.  While this link depicts the signing of the 2020 waiver, the process to sign the 2021 waiver is identical:

What type of precautions should players take when playing rounds?

  • Avoid gathering in large groups when registering for league and finishing your round.
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all others at all times. 
  • No touching of other competitors discs/bags/anything.  
  • If your disc comes to rest in the basket, remove your disc before another person putts.
  • When removing your disc front he basket, try to just remove the disc, not touching parts of the basket.
  • Everything inside of the 5ft is considered a tap in.

How much does it cost to play a league?

The league cost will be the same as the 2020 season.

  • $5 to play
    • $2 to the club to help fund club costs and course maintenance
    • $3 to the payout
  • $1 optional ace fund

Monday Divas League and Thursday New Players League are free to play.  Wandering Wednesday, a PDGA travelling league, costs an extra $1 that goes to the PDGA.

How will scoring be handled?

KCDG has been accepted into the beta program for the new uDisc Leagues application.  All scoring will be done on uDisc.  This makes the job of the volunteer league director easier in respect to creating scorecards, checking scorecards, and tabulating results.  You must have a uDisc account to use uDisc Leagues, so an account will be required to play in leagues for the 2020 season.  Signing up for uDisc is free – you simply need to download the uDisc app from the iOS or Android app store and create an account on your smartphone.  Your LD will instruct you how to check into a league and create a scorecard each league night.

Will the results of the league be published?

Yes. One of the features of uDisc Leagues is the ability to check live scoring at a league as well as the results.  League results for all KCDG leagues can be found at

How will cash payouts be handled?

Cash payouts will be handled as they have been handled in past years; your LD will pay out at the end of each league.

How will am payouts be handled?

After experimenting with digital amateur payouts in 2020, KCDG will return to paper vouchers in 2021.  League directors will issue these at the end of each league.  Vouchers must be redeemed by December 1st, 2021, at our retail partner, Dynamic Discs Kansas City.

Where can I get my amateur vouchers redeemed?

This year, KCDG is fortunate to have 3 retail businesses redeeming vouchers.

How does the ace fund work?

Anyone who has paid the optional $1 to enter the ace fund is elidable to receive Ace Fund money if they hit an ace during the round!  If you hit an ace, you’ll be paid out half of the current ace fund for that league minus the KCDG dues for their next free season.  Your league director will collect any needed information from you.  Payment for aces can be sent via Paypal (minus Goods and Services fees) or by check.

Will there be any side bets with leagues?

Speak to your league director about side bets or larger pots at league.  Each LD has the discretion on whether or not to add a side pot to their league night.