Kansas City Disc Golf Board of Directors Election Results

A big thanks to Anna Hare, Brent Siemers, Cary Rivard, Chris Timko, Jack Lowe, Keith Prinkey, and Michael Bellacio for running for the Kansas City Board of Directors. This was the first time that we utilized an online election service, and I’m sure that no one is surprised that there was more participation than ever before. Typically when we nominated and elected Board members at the annual, in-person meeting, we would have around 50-80 voters. This year that we had 186 voters participate out from the approximate 405 ballots (about 46%) that were successfully delivered. Congratulations to these KCDG members for making your choices known.

Our new Board members are Anna Hare and Jack Lowe.  Reelected incumbent Board member are Brent Siemers and Chris Timko. The full results can be accessed via this link. That we had eight candidates vying for the four positions this year demonstrates once again that the disc golf community in Kansas City is not only large but active. It can be hoped that the four candidates who were not selected this time, as well as others who are interested in the future of Kansas City Disc Golf,  will stay active in our community. In November of 2021, we will be electing five board members.

Faithfully submitted,

Rick Rothstein, 2020 Election Coordinator