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KCDG Forum

Join the conversation on the Kansas City Disc Golf Club Forum! Share tips, discuss courses, and connect with fellow disc golf enthusiasts in the KC area.

2024 Waiver

By participating in the 2024 KCDG Event/League, participants agree to adhere to all club rules and acknowledge the inherent risks involved in the activity. This waiver absolves the club of liability for injuries or damages incurred during the event.

Member List

Access the comprehensive Kansas City Disc Golf Club Membership List here. Find member information and join our growing community of disc golf enthusiasts!

Board of Directors

The Kansas City Disc Golf Club is known for its vibrant community and extensive involvement in promoting and organizing disc golf activities across the Kansas City metro area. The club oversees close to 30 disc golf courses in both Missouri and Kansas, showcasing a wide variety of courses for players of all levels.

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