NOTICE 7/11/24: For safety reasons WATER WORKS DISC GOLF COURSE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED for construction of new tee pads. Baskets have been pulled form the course. We will post updates as we have them and anticipate roughly two weeks for completion.

March 2024 BoD Meeting Minutes

KCDG BoD Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2024

Submitted by,

Jeffrey (Gabo) Toro, KCDG Secretary


  • Chris Timko

  • Pete Cashen

  • Laura Hayes

  • John Thompson

  • Jan Stumfoll

  • Michael Belancio

  • Jerry Patterson


  • John Jones

  • Rhonda Crosby

KC Divas Spring Feeva

  • Rhonda presents the overview of the event and the reasoning behind the date and format. Rhonda wonders about the club’s presence at their event. KC Divas requests permission to promote through the club’s channels.

  • KC Divas brings a sponsorship opportunity for KCDGC.


  • John Jones offers an update on the website. On this opportunity, the website is populated with new pictures, a KCWO countdown, an events page, a club volunteering page, and the club courses. There are some limitations to the integration of the private Facebook group and the website. The layout is discussed and a new “News” button is added to the top of the landing page.

  • The board offers feedback and suggests some changes throughout the website.

Tournament Schedule

  • Pete shares new event requests and the board discusses them. All of the events get approved.


  • Michael proposes an increase for a total of $1,400 in voucher donations for league directors to use as an incentive in an effort to increase attendance. The board votes and approves the new amount.

Disc Golf Day

  • The board looks at the player’s pack proposal and requests for new quotes so they can vote on it next meeting.

Membership Renewal

  • A membership renewal email will be sent later in March.

  • Pete will have signs with QR Codes for membership renewal at the club’s partner stores.

Icebowl Report

  • The total donation to date is around $17,000.

  • Pete shares the breakdown of the donations.


  • The board talks about coverage and language in the waiver for insurance purposes, specifically around volunteer coverage.

Missouri Updates

  • Pleasant Hill got a grant for new restrooms with all the work to be done by June 1st.

  • Jack Lowes is working on communicating with Parks about the grant he got.

  • Bad Rock: Liberty Aggregate donated $16,000 in material for course improvements.

  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

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