October 2023 BoD Meeting Minutes

KCDG BoD Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2023
Respectfully Submitted by,
Cary Rivard, KCDG Secretary
● Chris Timko
● Jerry Patterson
● Jan Stumfoll
● Pete Cashen
● Michael Belancio
● Cary Rivard
● Laura Hayes
● John Thompson
● Jeffrey Gabriel Toro
● John Jones
Minutes from September were reviewed
● JT motioned to approve the minutes. TImko seconded. Passed unanimously
John Jones Website Proposal (John)
● JT and Pete reached out to John about working on the website. We haven’t had capacity
to cover this in the last year.
● John has some ideas about ways to modify the website and made a short presentation
● Has experience managing websites and other IT-related stuff
● Would be able to build the new website independently and reviewed by the BoD before it
goes live to the public.
● Would be good to market new features of the website.
● BoD comment: the old site shouldn’t be re-vamped. We probably need a new one
altogether from scratch.
● We need to make sure we include the waivers for leagues and tournaments
● At this point, there would likely be an upfront sum and then a monthly cost to help
maintain stuff.
● He would be able to host the site or we could keep working with the one we have.
● John would do the back-end stuff, posting minutes, update language, etc.
● We asked John to work up a bid.
● Mock-ups would be about a week. Total design and publishing would be something like
6-8 weeks. There will be updates after that point.
● Pete will get with John on pricing. If we want to get it updated during this year, John
needs to know by the end of the month.
● KCDG has paid folks to do this in the past
● Thanks to John for stepping up and making the presentation
Club Championship Update (Jan)
● We need someone to put up events for heritage and birdland.
● Chris is going to follow up and put them on UDisc
● Let’s get a QR code for the membership portal and put it at the course(s)
Club Dinner (Pete)
● Worked out a price for food with vendor. Looking like $1800.
● Need to get with Lee to figure out cutlery and plates, etc.
● Working on order for 300 bag tags. We saw a mockup. Everyone liked it.
● Tables and setup
● Jerry is still working to find some beer
● JT will MC
○ State of the club address
○ VPs address(es)
○ Michael will do a financial update
● LDs and course coordinators? How should we acknowledge them? Jerry is working on
something for them.
● Chris is going to get the VOTY award to get it inscribed
● Elections
○ Chris has been working on this. Just needs to be posted and he will do this
● There will be some work to get things cleaned up afterwards
● Sounds like we are in pretty good shape
● Chris will send out an email with an invite. It would be good to make a facebook event
first. Laura will help with this.
● A graphic would be great if Gabo has time to make one.
● Attendance is usually between 75 and 100
KC Wide Open Bank Account and Books (Chris)
● At the end of this year, it makes sense for the KCWO has its own account. It would still
be held within the KCDG 501c3 account at Commerce.
● Chris would still be signatory and it would make sense for the treasurer to be a signatory
as well.
● Treasurer thinks it’s a good idea.
● Everyone generally agreed.
● Chris is going to start working on this.
Financial Update (Michael)
● Over the last few weeks, the treasurer realized the books aren’t getting updated.
● Michael needs to sit down and figure a bunch of stuff out. He’s got a plan moving
forward and expecting to work on it this Saturday..
● The biggest part of it is trying to figure out what is KCWO and what is KCDG.
● A bookkeeper would be really helpful for the club
○ Michael knows someone that might be able to help
Business-sponsored leagues
● We need to follow up on this. No updates
2024 Events are coming in
● We can vote them all in at once
● Pete is working on some events at Rosedale and looking to contract some vendors
League Director and Course Coordinator Membership(s)
● LDs are wondering if we are waiving their membership.
● Should we give LDs bag tags for 2024.? Seems like yes.
● Need to communicate that list to Dick Parker and then he can push forward their
● Laura and Jerry are going to get a list of Course coordinators so that we can do the
same thing
VP-Missouri (Jerry)
● Trying to get pads for Bad Rock. Getting bids and costs together
● Update from Swope and KCMO
VP-Kansas (Laura)
● Not many updates.
● Pete has been helping
● Pierson Park – Some talk of a new course in KCK
● City Park was featured in PDGA magazine
Other business
● Some quick discussion about the RFP, do we have the funds? Seems like we probably
will, but need to confirm. Some discussion of overall financial situation.
● Discussion of mini-grant program
● What is the current way that we are managing volunteer groups, donations, etc.? Do we
have a database? JT is happy to show us how that works. It’s $1000 per year.
Pete made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Timko.
Meeting Adjourned 8:01 pm.


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